Sprue Cutters Union Episode 51: Alex Duchamp

I speak to a lot of people while I am writing these blogs. The ideas in them are not all my own imaginings, they are things I have learned from discussing issues with people like Tracy and Will on the pod, and friends like Ivan Cocker, Lester Plaskitt, Marijn van Gils, Flip Hendrickx, Adrian Davies, Barry Biediger, and others. In discussing these ideas we often test them through picking them apart and taking opposing views, and I love that.

In episode 51 of the Sprue Cutters Union, which I just uploaded, Tracy and I got to do that with Alexandre Duchamp, who I also featured in the blog on Art in modelling . We had a fantastic discussion covering a wide range of ideas and I think its a great representation of what I’m talking about here. Ideas, tested, and debated and discussed.

You can listen to it on any podcast app, or directly, here: https://spruecuttersu.buzzsprout.com/

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