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The Tyranny of Realism

Start any conversation about scale modelling, and sooner or later, someone tell you “the purpose of modelling is realism”. Indeed, many arguments centre around whether something is realistic, from the tired old ones like “panel lines aren’t visible from scale … Continue reading

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Is it Art Though?

Yeah, I know, the perennial question: “Is modelling Art?” This is not an answer, more of an opinion, I guess. What is Art? Mirriam Webster can swing; I’m not going to bore you with a dictionary definition that fits my … Continue reading

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Oh Great, Another Opinionated Blog

Welcome to the Model Philosopher, your one-stop shop for pretention and over-introspection about modelling. I know what you’re thinking “oh great, another opinionated blog from another modeller who thinks his thinking is worthy of my eyeballs and valuable time.” OK, … Continue reading

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Where’s My Participation Trophy?!

I’ve been competing at model shows for around 20 years now. I’ve competed, or shown, (depending on your point of view) at shows from local IPMS shows in the UK, to the UK IPMS National show, to Open shows like … Continue reading

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