Please Welcome Our New Sponsor

The model philosopher is very proud to be sponsored by Scale Model Challenge, the fastest growing and most exciting model show in the calendar.

Scale Model Challenge celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and as always, its going to bring us a mix of the very best in Figure art and Scale modelling in all genres with its hands on workshops from the best creators in the hobby, a world leading contest, model clubs and display, and over 150 vendors with unique and must have products, entertainments, and more, all under one roof in a fantastic conference venue and hotel with restaurants and cafes, a great bar, plenty of parking and plenty of rooms.

Scale Model Challenge is where people from around the world meet to share and enjoy each others’ work, to meet new friends making beautiful things and to be a part of a hugely vibrant and positive community of creative and enthusiastic modellers. A truly international show that brings the best to one place for two and half days of community and pure inspiration.

To find out more about this unmissable modelling experience, head to, or check out the facebook page ‘Scale Model Challenge’ or follow scale_model_challenge on Instagram.

I never miss this show, and neither should you. I look forward to seeing you there

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I'm Chris Meddings, Modeller, Author, Publisher of Modelling Books, Podcaster, and armchair wannabe thinker
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  1. John Murray says:

    This is terrific news Chris. Congratulations. 🙂

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