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I'm Chris Meddings, Modeller, Author, Publisher of Modelling Books, Podcaster, and armchair wannabe thinker

Please Welcome Our New Sponsor

The model philosopher is very proud to be sponsored by Scale Model Challenge, the fastest growing and most exciting model show in the calendar. Scale Model Challenge celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and as always, its going to bring … Continue reading

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“Character”, a Conversation with John Rosengrant

INTRODUCTION:Like many of us, John Rosengrant started modelling as a young child, in his case; historical and classic  monster models. After studying at art college, he moved to Los Angeles to break into the movie business, and after a period … Continue reading

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Competition: with Marijn Van Gils

Competition is a big part of the modelling, whilst not being, in any way, essential to the hobby. If all competition ended tomorrow, people would still be making models and the shows would still happen, albeit somewhat differently in some … Continue reading

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A New Podcast!

A little while ago, I decided to add interviews to this blog, starting with Calvin Tan’s fantastic discussion on Art and Modelling To make that I had a video chat with Calvin and used an edited transcript to produce the … Continue reading

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An Absence, and an Apology

I often think “Sorry I haven’t been posting much, guys.” Posts are kind of lame. For one thing, they assume people were missing you posting, which is somewhat presumptuous, for another, they don’t really add anything to the general conversation. … Continue reading

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Art & Modelling, a Conversation with Calvin Tan

Today I sat down with Calvin Tan (via a webchat) for the first of what will be an occasional series, where I discuss a single topic with a well known and highly respected modeller. Calvin is undoubtedly well-known, and highly … Continue reading

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Stop Using Realism to dismiss the work of others. Bear with me, this one is about to get conceptual (dare I say: philosophical), but it is not possible to make this argument without doing so. Realism is often taken to … Continue reading

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Challenging Modelling Pt.2 The Politics and Polemics of Modelling

Look at almost any modelling group on Facebook, and you will find the same rule: “no politics”. It is a commonly accepted trope in modelling that politics = bad. Terms of Reference What do we mean by politics? For once, … Continue reading

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The Hobby Kinda is Dying

Sorry everyone, its been a long time since I have posted. The fact is, I’ve been struggling in modelling. At the end of 2023 I finally decided to call an end to Inside the Armour Publications. Sales have been declining … Continue reading

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Challenging Modelling: Part:1

Introduction For a long time, I’ve been interested in the limits the modelling community place of modelling. It is often said to be about having fun, and perhaps because of how we associate it with a childhood hobby, and certainly … Continue reading

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