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Over the last 24 hours, pretty much everyone has seen the infamous Rinaldi Studio Press video about SMC. For a moment, lets park most of the video and address his main point: The Lack of Risk Taking and Innovation in … Continue reading

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Finishing is Overrated

How many times have you seen someone beat themselves up for never finishing a model? Or abandoning a project unfinished? Who reading this, has a “Shelf of Shame”? Let me turn that on its head: Why is not finishing kits, … Continue reading

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Setting the Standard: Scale Model Challenge 2023

This weekend I attended what was, by my reckoning, probably my 6th or 7th Scale Model Challenge. In the last few years it has become the unmissable show in the modelling calendar for me and I would never willingly miss … Continue reading

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Look Again

Modelling, like any visual medium, has its own language. There are obvious tropes, like Tigers and Shermans and Spitfires and 109s, and there are modern modelling tropes like “‘heroic’ German retreats from Russia” models, whitewashed T-34s and Panzers with rusty … Continue reading

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Sprue Cutters Union Episode 51: Alex Duchamp

I speak to a lot of people while I am writing these blogs. The ideas in them are not all my own imaginings, they are things I have learned from discussing issues with people like Tracy and Will on the … Continue reading

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Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then I’ll Begin…. A long time ago, in a far and distant land, modellers started saying ‘storytelling’ at each other in excited whispers. It started with the strange people of Diolandia, and soon the people of … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Realism

Start any conversation about scale modelling, and sooner or later, someone tell you “the purpose of modelling is realism”. Indeed, many arguments centre around whether something is realistic, from the tired old ones like “panel lines aren’t visible from scale … Continue reading

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Is it Art Though?

Yeah, I know, the perennial question: “Is modelling Art?” This is not an answer, more of an opinion, I guess. What is Art? Mirriam Webster can swing; I’m not going to bore you with a dictionary definition that fits my … Continue reading

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Oh Great, Another Opinionated Blog

Welcome to the Model Philosopher, your one-stop shop for pretention and over-introspection about modelling. I know what you’re thinking “oh great, another opinionated blog from another modeller who thinks his thinking is worthy of my eyeballs and valuable time.” OK, … Continue reading

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Where’s My Participation Trophy?!

I’ve been competing at model shows for around 20 years now. I’ve competed, or shown, (depending on your point of view) at shows from local IPMS shows in the UK, to the UK IPMS National show, to Open shows like … Continue reading

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